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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back Again

It has been almost two years, since I have disappeared from my blog. I truly appreciate, Mr Bachchan who actually writes his blogs regularly, and each time he writes something interesting. The urge to write something interesting, is probably the catch line. Why will people read my blog? How do I make any difference to people with what I write? Basically, we all create a sort of pressure, so that we deliver our best.
Frankly speaking, I took a break from Blog, because I was enjoying Facebook and Twitter. Whatever, I felt like sharing was easy for me to write in 140 words. I guess, I learnt how to condense my thoughts through Twitter.
But now, I am back again. This time, I promised myself that I would be regular. At least, I would try to be. You guys must be wondering, about my disappearance act. Well, you will come to know about everything, soon. It's just a matter of time.
This time, I have decided that I will not limit myself on any particular subject. I will share, whatever comes to my mind. It could be a paragraph on rains, or some interview which I enjoyed doing during my tenure in Mumbai Mirror.
Let's start afresh.


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