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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Waking up, literally!

Waking up, has always been a struggle.
The first ray of sunlight, irks me the most. I hunt for my rug, try to cover my face. Darkness is so beautiful, its so soothing. Unfinished dreams, which we all want to finish. We run away from the sun, from daylight, because night shows us the magic of life, the surreal world of dreams and imaginations.
I was never a morning person, but I was forced to me one. Morning school, was one of the biggest compulsion, for me to wake up early. My dad used to be an early riser. Most days, I would wake up with the gurgling sound of my father from the bathroom. He would water the plants, do his pujas, step out to buy fresh milk and bread everyday morning. Meanwhile, I would take a bath and get ready for school. Ma would make my tiffin, comb my hair (till standard three) and then tie my shoe-lace (till standard three, again) and check my bag, reshuffle the books according to the routine and set me off. Dad would drive me to school. At times, we would take a ride on a tram. Running behind the tram and getting onto the tram was such a thrilling experience, which I shared with my dad.
Mornings, have always been interesting. But somehow, we all dread to see morning. Mornings would remind me of my school, class rooms, strict teacher, boring PT teacher. I just wanted those many mornings to disappear. As a kid, I used to pray, saying why can't we have only summer and winter vacations in school, throughout the year? Weird, but that's true.
As a kid we used to love our vacations, as college students we used to love our weekend off, as professional we used to long for those extended weekend holidays. The idea of not doing the regular stuff has always excited all of us.
But then, we all have to go through the same routine life. We can't just skip the moments we dislike. Life is not a choice, its a mandatory routine of activities. fact remains that, unless we deal with our "mornings" we won't be able to enjoy our "nights".
Did you ever think, why we love nights? We are we so attached to our bed, pillows and rugs. Why do we like a particular corner of the sofa? Why do we wear the same old semi torn tee-shirts at home? I guess, it's a matter of comfort.
Blame the quilt, blame the bed, blame everything that makes you comfortable. We even blame the alarm clock for always ringing on time. We blame the "doodhwala" for pressing the door bell twice. (Some even keep a bucket outside their door, so that the milkman doesn't ring the bell!) We all love to sleep. That's the best way, to see dreams.
But, the fact remains that to enjoy that dream, those many hours of peaceful sleep, we have to work hard. Morning shows us the way. The light that breaks your comfort, is the only way to fulfill your dreams in reality. The warmth that oozes from your quilt, will take you to the world of imagination. But the warmth of morning rays will virtually help you in achieving the goals.
The struggle that begins from our bed, needs to end. Coming out of comfort zone, is a challenge. If every morning we can fight that out, then we can surely fight any battle of life.
It might sound simple, but being simple is not that simple.


  1. very thoughtful and in sync with most mumbaikars!

  2. So true, Dinar. Thanks for ur comment. Good to see u back. Cheers.

  3. Great..never thought like that. The feeling is very vividly illustrated in the writing.


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