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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Being Hero

Nothing is permanent. Everything that you see now, will perish tomorrow. Every moment, is dying, every other moment. We are constantly chasing ourselves. The fight, which apparently seems to be external, is actually internal. Every one of us, are constantly fighting to upgrade our own standard, standard of life, love, work or even living. We are unhappy by nature.
It's no harm, it's no fault. Excelling in your own capacity is the best way to nurture your human hormones. I have seen, many people, across the nation, trying to grab their share of limelight. Everyone wants to be famous. Each seconds of fame, matters in today's time. Media happily, plays to the gallery.
Remember Raj Kapoor's dialogue from Mera Naam Joker. "The show must go on!" But I think, he couldn't foresee what people would do, just to get their share of fame, in today's time.
Have you ever noticed those faces on TV screen? Even during Anna Hazaare coverage, I can clearly see those faces who are waving their hands, smiling at the camera, doing weird faces - just to grab one second of footage. They don't even know how to speak, what to speak and where to speak. But all of them are fighting to get hold of the boom which the television reporter is holding.
Most of the time, you will find them either smiling or chatting away happily standing in the crowd. It could be veteran actor Shammi Kapoor death procession or Anna Hazaare's hunger strike, the same kind of unknown faceless faces are seen always on TV screen. Some even wear weird clothes, have weird hair-dos, to seek attention from the camera.
They have understood, that once you are seen on camera, you become famous. Cheap stunts, are the best way to grab attention of people. The tenure of 'celebrityhood' is becoming lesser by the day. People are so used to surfing channels, that they want to find new heroes. If Sonia Gandhi's secretive operation becomes that talk of the town on Friday, then Sunday channels got engaged with Shammi Kapoor's death. By the beginning of the week, they have Anna Hazaare to take care of the rest.
We don't realize that "one minute fame" is not the easy way to become famous. I call them, " BFF- by fluke famous"! If you want to be remembered, just do one honest deed in your whole life. Just try and make difference to any one person, who doesn't matter to you. Hero doesn't mean, millions of followers. Hero means someone who is worshiped by someone somewhere.
Flashbulbs, magazine covers, interviews, hoardings, money, endorsements... these are the parameters which might judge the level of popularity of a celebrity, but when you are honest towards what you are doing, such things become inconsequential. Mother Teresa never thought of becoming an international figure, she dedicated her life for people. Florence Nightingale could have been chosen to be famous, but she didn't. Swami Vivekanada or Ramakrishna Paramhansa could have thrived on publicity, but they didnt. People remember them for what they have done for humankind.
If you are making money, bagging awards for your deeds, you will be cheered by your fans. But they will stop worshiping you, the moment they get someone better or bigger that you. But, if you are serving people, directly, then those many people will hero worship you.
In that case, you preserve every moment of your good deed. Nothing is perishable. You are remembered for what you have done. You are remembered for changing people's life. I feel, that everyone can become famous, but only one in a million can win the heart.
Love the dialogue from Jodha Akbar, where Jodha tell Emperor Akbar (who was definitely much famous than any living or dead celebrities of our time) that, "Jahapana, aap ne shiasat pe raj karna seekha hai, dilon pe raj karna nahin!" (You have learnt the art of ruling the nation, not the heart!) That changed war loving Akbar to humane Akbar.
We all need to see that in ourselves. We all need to do, just one good deed. Honestly. I truly belive that everyone of us, have the capability to become heroes. Let's not make fool of ourselves, or just fool ourselves with such silly BFF moments.

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