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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Roy of Hope.

Yesterday, I promised that I would be regular with my blog. The first comment which I received in my blog, was from Piyush Roy. He is a very dear friend of mine.
Just came to know that Piyush, who was heading Stardust Magazine, have decided to quit the magazine and move ahead with his academic career. My best wishes for him, as always. I really appreciate those, who can chase their dreams and at least try and make it happen. I emphasise on the word "try", before you give up. He is moving out of this country, for his PhD at the Edinburgh University.
Piyush has been one of my closest pal, a very dedicated journalist and someone who has always inspired me in various ways. He is one of the few scribes who loves cinema, and understands every moment of motion magic.
Our journey started way back, almost a decade now. It started with informal chat, while I was working in Kolkata as a journalist. He was posted in Mumbai, writing about the city and it's life. It was strange, that we I decided to move out of Kolkata and settle in Mumbai, he decided to quit his job and move on with his academics.
Friendship is just a core word, that even if you are not connected through telephones, emails or letters, you can still start your conversation from where you have left. That's the magic of friendship. Ours was no filmy relationship. We bonded on primarily on Cinema. He would speak about his interaction with Bollywood celebrities, and I would share my dose of regional cinema.
We were faceless people talking to each other on yahoo chat. We did meet, much later, when I came to Mumbai for a television show. I was hosting a chat show in Kolkata, and for my second season I wanted Bollywood celebrities. During my short stay, I met Piyush once. He was fun, would make me laugh. I mean, the person I knew over chat was totally different from the person I met. Those were, "no cell-phone" days. I remember calling him from VT public phone, before hopping into the train.
Years passed by, we met again, in Mumbai. He came back from UK, and joined Magna Publication. We used to stay in the same building, at Old Prabhadevi Road. During that time, he introduced me to yet another gentleman, Anupam Pratihary. He used to work with Indian Express, as sports journalist. Piyush is from Orissa and we share almost common culture. We would bond on cuisine, songs, theatre, football, cricket and books.
Later, Piyush got married to Surtarangini aka Mily. Lovely lady at heart and she joined our gang with ease. In fact, whenever I interact with her, she brings in life in my otherwise mundane life. She bonds extremely well with my wife Sarbani. Mily was the first person to call Sarbani and chat with her even before we were married. Till date, they have maintained the relationship.
Piyush and Mily, both have grown as human, and also as professionals. But, they have remained the same, when it comes to friendship. I would admit, that I have been unsocial and many a times, I have failed to meet them or spend quality time with them. They have a beautiful apartment close to Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai.
Just, a month ago. It was a weekend, and Mumbai was drenched with the first shower of this season. Sarbani and I decided to meet the Roy couple, over a cup of chai and bread pakodas. It was pure unwinding. We spoke at length, heard music, watched rain from his French window. Mily made some crispy pakodas with adrakwali chai. It was such a bliss.
We will miss, these impromptu addas. Must, I am sure that Piyush will be happy, wherever he goes. His affection is infectious. He has all the qualities, which makes for a perfect friend. Thankfully, Mily will be around for sometime, so I am sure our bread pakodas and chai will happen.
Till then, wishing Piyush, loads of luck for his new endeavour. I am sure, he will be back with many more dreams in his eyes. I see my dreams come true, through his vision. We bonded on cinema, and that's been our common love. Dreams that gets over with the first ray of sunlight, are meant to be fulfilled when the sun is shining on you. Chase, the untamed dream, let it not die.

Photograph: (Left to Right) Anupam Pratihary, Piyush Roy, Swarup Nanda and Moi at my Andheri apartment.


  1. Piyus and Milly are my closest pal in Mumbai, specially Milly. I do feel bad when I hear that they wnt be here for couple of years but i feel good too as Piyush is doing something which is his dream. Wish him loads of luck.

  2. Thanks Sarbani! I totally agree with you on this one. The couple will be missed for sure.

  3. Wish you stay well connected, often distance is an issue--out of site & out of mind is very common nowadays--though we have come closer & well connected with improving technologies

  4. Hey Nilay, so true. I mean even after being such technically sound generation we still are losing out on true friends and relationships. Connectivity is not just about how many calls or mails one sends, it's abt how well he or she connects after hiatus.

  5. dear ram,
    its nice to read that the spotlight in your second coming to blogging has veered beyond films to other aspects of life and living.
    wld like to read yr short stories here someday.
    indeed, as u say, and as we hav experienced, distances at least in our case have made our hearts grow fonder... but let me tell you this is no less an achievement in today's era of out of sight, out of mind. thank you for those kind words, but infectious camaraderie can never be credited to one person. its the niceness in you that attracts and keeps nice people by u... and am not talking abt myself, but your other two equally fond associations from the days of magna, seen in this pic on yr blog...
    yaad na jaye beete dinon ki... :)
    luv always, p

  6. Hey Piyush,
    Thanks so much for your comment. Wishing you loads of luck, love and success for your PhD. May all your dream come true. Be in touch. You and Milly will be missed for sure.


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